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Simultaneous interpreting is the elegant and expeditious form, as it allows a large foreign-language audience to follow an event without delay. This interpreting mode is thus suitable for conferences, panel discussions, business meetings and the like. It requires certain technical equipment, usually interpreting booths or tour guide systems. During simul­ta­neous interpreting we normally alternate every 20 minutes while optimizing our interpreting performance by supporting each other.
Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is a subtype of simultaneous interpreting. For up to two listeners, no equipment is required; we “whisper”, that is, we interpret in a low voice in the immediate vicinity of the listeners. This type of interpreting is particularly suitable when e.g. a foreign guest or a panelist who speaks is a different language is invited.
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We will be happy to advise you on the possi­bilities of virtual conferences and interpreting (remote simultaneous interpreting).
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