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In interpreting, as opposed to translating, it is not our only goal to reproduce the content and sentence structure as literally as possible. In conveying the content, we also take into account the specific requirements of the communicative situation and aim for an idiomatic text that is pleasant to listen to. Thus, in interpreting, rather than translating in the conventional sense, we paraphrase what is said in the target language.
Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is a subtype of simultaneous interpreting. For up to two listeners, no equipment is required; we “whisper”, that is, we interpret in a low voice in the immediate vicinity of the listeners. This type of interpreting is particularly suitable when e.g. a foreign guest or a panelist who speaks is a different language is invited.
Liaison or dialogue interpreting, also known as bilateral interpreting, is a subtype of consecutive interpreting. Here we interpret short sections of a conversation, alternating between the two languages, and thus ensure optimal communication with business partners, with negotiating parties and in confidential conversations.
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